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WIT Berry

Horizon Europe project HAlMan

SIA WIT Berry (WIT) is a small digital marketing and communication company based in Latvia. The aim of WIT Berry is to help organizations to reach their goals namely increase sales, gain popularity, new clients, develop brand and others by implementing efficient communication strategy. WIT Berry was founded in 2012. Its founder has extensive experience in online communications and digital marketing.

WIT Berry has worked with leading insurance and telecommunication companies in Latvia where its experts were responsible for web content analysis, development of website concept as well as content strategy and copywriting for different markets. For the last few years WIT Berry has been actively involved in different activities, projects and events in the space sector. For example, the company has participated in the Horizon 2020 project HATCH, had ensured all the communication and marketing activities for space event in Belgium called Switch to Space has consulted space companies in Netherlands, Luxembourg and Estonia.

Partner’s role in HAlMan