Successful sabbatical and collaboration: HAlMan project coordinator Jafar Safarian’s work at the University of Toronto

HAlMan project coordinator Jafar Safarian's work at University of Toronto

The HAlMan consortium is pleased to share the successful completion of our project coordinator Jafar Safarian’s sabbatical at the University of Toronto. After arriving back in Norway on Sunday, professor Jafar Safarian has reflected on his enriching experience with the Sustainable Materials Processing Research Group in the Materials Science & Engineering Department, led by Prof. Mansoor Barati.

During his time at the University of Toronto, professor Jafar Safarian actively participated in the group’s regular meetings, social activities, and laboratory visits. Engaging with the group, he discussed the applied methods and obtained results of the researchers multiple times. Professor Jafar Safarian also introduced the HAlMan project to the team, fostering an environment of mutual learning and collaboration.

One of the key highlights of his stay was the initiation, planning, and implementation of a two-day international seminar on “Hydrogen Use in Process Metallurgy.” This seminar was organized in collaboration with Prof. Barati and involved cooperation with the HAlMan and HARARE EU projects, as well as the Compas Canadian Research Centre. The seminar, held physically in Trondheim, Norway, was a hybrid event that attracted more than 230 registered participants from around the world.

This successful sabbatical has not only strengthened the ties between the HAlMan project and the University of Toronto but also paved the way for future collaborations in sustainable materials processing and hydrogen use in process metallurgy. We look forward to the continued partnership and the innovative advancements that will emerge from this collaboration.