International seminar: Hydrogen use in Process Metallurgy

International seminar Hydrogen use in Process Metallurgy

The seminar will be held on 15-16 May 2024 at Quality Hotel Prinsen, Trondheim, Norway, with a possibility to join the seminar online. The participation is free of charge for everyone, both those who join the webinar in Trondheim, Norway, as well as those who will attend it online.

A two-day seminar in hydrogen metallurgy is organized by The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) through the Horizon 2020 project, HARARE and Horizon Europe project HAlMan, in collaboration with COMPAS (Centre of Metallurgical Processing and Sustainability) at the University of Toronto, Canada. With an emphasis on decarbonization in the metallurgical industry and the opportunity to use hydrogen instead of fossil fuels as a reductant, the seminar aims to gather experts from industry and research organizations to discuss the opportunities, fundamentals, developments, and challenges in hydrogen metallurgy.

There will be talks on hydrogen use in metallurgical processes focusing on the following:

  • Hydrogen; production, safety, transportation, economics
  • Hydrogen reduction of iron sources
  • Hydrogen reduction in ferroalloys production
  • Processing molten baths by hydrogen
  • Hydrogen use in other metallurgical processes

The seminar includes a visit to NTNU and SINTEF labs in Trondheim. The seminar will be implemented hybrid and registration is free of charge. Lunch and dinner will be provided for the participants.

The agenda of the seminar


Registration deadline for physical attendees: 31 March 2024
Registration deadline for virtual attendees: 10 May 2024

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More information about the event:

  • Prof. Jafar Safarian
  • Prof. Mansoor Barati Sedeh
  • Dr. Maria Wallin