Horizon Europe HAlMan consortium meeting in Poland

Halman project meeting at Poland

During the two-day consortium meeting held in Starachowice, Poland, and hosted by the HAlMan consortium partner ODLEWNIE POLSKIE S.A., the team conducted a successful gathering. This meeting provided an opportunity for each of the consortium partners to provide updates on their recent work accomplishments and outline their plans for the upcoming months. The meeting was held in hybrid mode, thus the presentations were given both on-site and online.

Additionally, the consortium partners engaged in discussions about the interactions between partners and the work packages to ensure seamless collaboration.

Visit to partner ODLEWNIE POLSKIE S.A ductile iron foundry

As part of the event, the ODLEWNIE POLSKIE S.A. consortium partner organized a tour of their facility. During this tour, they demonstrated all the processes involved in their work, including the analysis of incoming goods, materials used for the production and the scale of analyses. Also, the X-RAY laboratory with CT 450KeV and electron microscope with chemical analyses. All those tools are to ensure the required quality standards. OPSA show area that will be dedicated to the HAlMan project That material from the project will be tested in.  

Old iron smelter – museum

Furthermore, the team had the chance to visit the Old iron smelter, which has been transformed into a museum. This visit proved to be an enriching experience as it allowed the team to explore the historical processes and techniques employed in metallurgy, including the innovative energy recovery technology from the 19th century.

Regarding the Museum, the older section was inaugurated in 1841, while its successor, situated a few hundred meters away, was constructed in 1899. Both sections serve as excellent examples of the technological advancements in 19th-century metallurgy, preserving their entire layout and technological sequence. This encompasses everything from the railway trestle used to transport raw materials to the plant, storage facilities, the water tower, and culminating with the coke fuel blast furnace, which stands out as a highly valuable exhibit in the Museum. Another remarkable artifact is one of the world’s largest steam engines.

The highlight of the Museum is the blast furnace dating back to 1899. It is accompanied by a complete technological line featuring railway tracks and a towering structure designed to facilitate the introduction of materials required for pig iron smelting. The blast furnace is surrounded by an intricate web of filtering and blowing devices, as well as COWPER heaters and the casting hall, all of which are available for visitors to admire.

Originally boasting a capacity of 180 m3, the blast furnace underwent modernization between 1922 and 1931, resulting in an increased capacity of 250 m3. It stands approximately 22 meters tall, with its entire structure anchored to foundations reaching a depth of 5.5 meters. The interior of the blast furnace is constructed using refractory (fireclay) bricks, and the shaft, measuring around 10 meters in height, is similarly composed of refractory brick and reinforced with steel hoops.

Automobile museum

Adding to the Museum’s attractions are various automobiles produced by the former Truck Factory. Among these are the inaugural member of the STAR 20 family and the off-road STAR 266R, which participated in the 10th Paris-Dakar Rally in 1988. Notably, the Museum acquired the preserved remains of the original Popemobile, manufactured on the STAR 660M2 chassis, which was used during the First Pilgrimage of John Paul II to his homeland in 1979. In June 2008, a special presentation marked the unveiling of the recreated Popemobile, complete with consecration by the bishop of Radom. This vehicle remains a unique and cherished exhibit in the museum collection. Additionally, thanks to Mr. Antoni Chmielnicki, the main designer of FSC, the museum welcomed the STAR 200 into its collection on October 5, 2012.

We extend our appreciation to ODLEWNIE POLSKIE S.A team for their gracious hospitality and keen enthusiasm shown during the excursion.