Student involvement in HAlMan project

Halman students

From the very first day of the project implementation NTNU has set an important objective with respect to the knowledge transfer and sharing. The project coordinator is very actively involved in dissemination of organising public webinars, workshops and other events in order to share the knowledge and expertise as well as involvement of PhD students in implementation of the HAlMan project.

Knowledge for a better world

“Knowledge for a better world” is the NTNU vision. Up to now, more than 400 PhDs have graduated from the university. University is proud to be able to propose to PhD students various opportunities to gain knowledge and experience. On the other hand, such projects as HAlMan gain a lot from the involvement of PhD students as they can bring a fresh perspective to a project, which can be valuable for generating new ideas and approaches. This experience provides them with valuable skills and knowledge that can be applied to future research or industry positions.

“We believe that the best way of learning is doing. The prestigious projects such as HAlMan is a great opportunity for PhD students to gain unique experience and knowledge from daily work in international team. This is an amazing opportunity to be a part of the team that develops state-of-the-art technologies.”

Prof. Jafar Safarian

Student involvement in HAlMan project

Professor Jafar Safarian 
Department of Materials Science and
Engineering Faculty of Natural Sciences

Meet two future professionals actively involved in project

Alok Sarkar and Pankaj Kumar are NTNU PhD students that are actively involved in the implementation of the project from the day one.

Pankaj Kumar PhD candidate Supervisor: Jafar Safarian

Aluminothermic smelting of pre-reduced Mn-ore for production of various Mn-Alloys

Pankaj Kumar
PhD candidate
Supervisor: Jafar Safarian

Pankaj Kumar

Since childhood, Pankaj has been fascinated by the fact that iron rods are made from soil. Metallurgy was one of his study choices during his Bachelor’s course (NIT Raipur, India). After graduating from IIT Kanpur, India faculty of Material science and Technology, where he gained his M.Tech degree, he got his first job as a researcher at one of the world’s leading metallurgical companies, “Tata Steel”. During this period, he realized that metallurgy could help humans eliminate a large volume of waste either by pyro or hydrometallurgical treatment. Not only that we get rid of waste, but we also produce value from it. Pankaj wanted to participate in research that could improve the world. PhD studies at NTNU was an obvious choice for Pankaj towards his career goals and professional ambitions.

Pankaj Kumar studies the smelting behaviour of Pre-reduced Manganese ore using aluminium as reductant. He has to carry out extensive modelling using FactSage and other software to know the best possible and feasible route of metal roduction and afterwards extensive work at lab scale to verify the results. Besides the knowledge and experience that Pankaj gains during the project, it is also a great opportunity for him to meet professors, industry representatives and experiences researchers to expand his network.

“After gaining my PhD I would like to work as scientist or researcher in industry, where my expertise can be use. I strongly believe that studies coupled with industrial exposure is the best learning method.”

Pankaj Kumar


Alok Sarkar


Alok Sarkar holds Master’s degree in metallurgical engineering. He will be actively involved in HAlMan project. His main tasks will include characterization of different types of Manganese ores and study of their behavior during hydrogen reduction as well as conducting experiments to study the effect of H2 gas reduction in following parameters:

  • Different Particle size
  • Varying Porosity
  • Different reduction temperature
  • Different gas composition for the reduction
  • Different gas flow rate

Alok believes that participation in HAlMan project will provide him with extended knowledge new methods for production of green Manganese and its alloys. Alok started his work with literature survey. He also participated in several workshops and visits to other universities such as AGH University of Science and Technology and Institute of Technology (KIT) in Krakow, Poland.

“After completing my PhD I want to work in a metallurgical industry as a researcher or scientist where I can used my knowledge to produce the Ferro Alloys through a sustainable metallurgical process route with less GHG emission.”

Alok Sarkar

Alok Sarkar PhD candidate Supervisor: Jafar Safarian

The relationship between the characteristics of Mn ores and their behavior in hydrogen reduction

Alok Sarkar
PhD candidate
Supervisor: Jafar Safarian

HAlMan knowledge transfer

The project HAlMan team plans to organise various workshops, webinars and other events. If you want to get to know about them the first, please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.